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Epsilon SB12V1200Wh-M

The Epsilon is a drop-in lead-acid replacement, with all the benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate. It has superior weight reduction, enormous energy reserves and stable voltage even at extreme loads. This lithium battery is suitable for 12V installations. Eliminating the need for an external safety relay means the lithium battery is very easy to install.

Battery monitoring

The Super B Epsilon has integrated battery monitoring which provides details about its status such as voltage, current, temperature, state of charge and time remaining. Hands-on monitoring is also possible via Bluetooth and LED indicators to inform you about the actual status of your battery. The free BeInCharge app provides 24/7 information about the state of charge, time to go and status of the battery. 


  • Traction battery
  • Drop-in replacement for AGM/GEL lead acid LN5 batteries
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4): safe lithium technology
  • Superior abuse tolerance
  • Integrated short circuit protection
  • Maintenance free
  • Integrated BMS (Battery-Management system
  • Fast charging
  • Charge current regulator, for safe low-temperature charging
  • CANopen and Bluetooth interface for battery monitoring
  • Battery monitoring / History Storage
  • Adaptive cell balancing
  • Low self-discharge
  • Monitoring via BeInCharge Bluetooth app for iOS and Android


  • High capacity (can power coffee machines, air conditioning and other devices that could not be powered by traditional batteries
  • Low weight (-20kg compared to lead acid)
  • High cycle count, up to 5000 cycles
  • High discharge current, 200A continuous, 350A pulse (30s)
  • >96% efficiency means more efficient (solar) charging and using almost all available energy


Super B batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4). This is the safest Lithium technology available today. On top of that our bespoke casing and electronics further increase safety and durability.


Super B batteries do not contain lead. The LiFePO4 technology is an environmental-friendly energy storage solution.

3-year warranty

Super B’s 3-year warranty offers the best peace of mind. It is the benefit of years of continuous engineering improvement and proven experience with all of our batteries in the harshest environments.


Download the free Be in charge app for iPhone or Android



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Recharges much faster

Can be fully charged in 60 minutes

Longer service life

Up to 5.000 cycles

Incredible small size

Drop-in lead acid replacement

Low weight

- 20kg compared to lead acid

High temperature tolerance

High temperature operating range


RV Marine Industrial
Mining Remote Power Utility batteries

Technical specifications

SKU/EAN13 8718531361317
Battery designation 4IFpR19/66-60
Capacity (Ah) 90Ah
Height (mm) 190
Diameter (mm) NA
Width (mm) 353
Thickness (mm) 175
Open circuit voltage 13.2V
Nominal voltage 12.8V
Charge method CCCV
End of charge voltage (V) 14.6V
Charge current (A) 90A
End of discharge voltage (V) 8
Discharge current (A) 200A
Discharge pulse current (A) (30 seconds) 350A
Weight 12.5kg
Operating temperature range Discharge -20°C to +60°C, charge -10°C to +45°
Storage temperature range short term (1 month) -10°C to +35°C
Storage temperature long term (> 1 month) +18°C to +28°C