Super B introduces the Nomia 12V210Ah lithium battery

Super B Lithium Power B.V. has launched its new Nomia 12V210Ah, the latest in Super B’s line of high-end lithium batteries. The new Nomia 12V210Ah is the latest model in the Nomia series of Super B. The Nomia series can be characterized as safe, reliable and life independent. They belong to the best performing lithium batteries in the market.

“Super B’s latest addition to the LiFePO4 series, is a huge step forward for our company. The Nomia 12V210Ah not only offers a significant amount of capacity, it display’s Super B capabilities when it comes to new and innovative product development in the world of lithium batteries”, stated by Peter Hulzebos, Business Development Manager at Super B Lithium Power B.V.

At first sight the new lithium battery looks and operates just like its predecessors: the legendary SB12V160E-ZC (a 12V 160Ah LiFePO4 battery) and SB12V100E-ZC (a 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery), keeping the same dimensions, configuration and connectivity. “The main difference compared to its predecessors is in fact that the Nomia 12V210Ah offers an increased capacity in the same size as our customers are used to. This basically means that the energy-density is much higher; you get more energy than ever before and therefore customers can be off-grid for a longer period of time. In addition the battery only weighs 23kg (50.7lbs) and can be connected in parallel to get the power and capacity you need for your application”, said Peter.

It shares the same advantages when choosing for a lithium battery to a conventional battery like an AGM, GEL or lead-acid. You get significantly more capacity, a much longer lifetime, your battery charges faster, is light weight and doesn’t require a full charge before you store or use it.

“This new lithium battery fits perfectly within the strategy of Super B. We will continue to develop high-end lithium batteries that solve energy challenges many of our customers face”, concludes Peter.

The Nomia 12V210Ah is designed for use in RVs, leisure boats, commercial vessels, off-grid, electric vehicles, UPS and in any other application where you need a sufficient amount of energy. It’s also an ideal upgrade for customers using lead-acid batteries and for all those who are looking for a safer and more powerful energy storage solution.