Tips for enjoying your summer boat trip with lithium batteries onboard

Summer is the perfect time to embark on exciting boat adventures and make lasting memories. If you've recently upgraded to lithium batteries, it's important to know how to care for them while maximizing your enjoyment on the water.

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Spring preparation tips for your RV

Spring has finally arrived which means that it’s time to start getting your RV ready for traveling. We know that you want all your spring adventures to be stress-free, and that is why we have prepared this article to help you bring back your RV from hibernation.

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Upgrading your boat to lithium batteries

The most important thing when sailing is to have the certainty that you have enough power for critical systems on your boat such as the radios, navigation systems, and lights. Super B lithium batteries are a good choice to power your boat without worrying about energy usage. Even though lithium batteries are designed to fit just as normal gel or lead-acid batteries, it is not possible to always plug and play, you may need additional components to complete the installation. 

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Best 12V lithium batteries for your RV

It is always important to prepare your RV for a long-distance journey, especially when you are planning to be off-grid and enjoy being disconnected. That is why having reliable power should be a top priority. If you are looking to upgrade your recreational vehicle before traveling to a beautiful destination, this article can serve as a guide to choosing the right 12V lithium battery.

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Why choose lithium batteries to supply your RV

Though it can seem overwhelming when contemplating the options, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is as difficult as you think. Learn the pros of choosing lithium batteries for your RV over lead-acid batteries.

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Why getting lithium batteries for your boat

It is incredible how technology has allowed us to have lithium batteries available on board yachts, sports cruisers, and even bigger vessels. One of the main reasons is that lithium batteries are safer and quieter than lead-acid batteries. Learn some of the advantages of having lithium batteries on board. 

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Winter checklist for your batteries

Winter is here and with it comes the holidays and all the end-of-year festivities. Many people often choose to stay home to enjoy being with family and friends and store their RV or boat during this season. Caring for your batteries will prolong their lifespan and prevent deep discharges. 

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The best Super B batteries for your boat

With Super B lithium batteries you can be assured that even when you are miles at the sea, you are able to use crucial items like the navigation system and have enough power to arrive at your destination.

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