Lithium Iron Phosphate RV batteries

Enjoy optimal freedom and comfort

Reliable power for your journey

When travelling with your RV to the most beautiful places and peaceful campsites on earth you will need a battery you can rely on. Super B lithium batteries are lightweight, maintenance-free, fast-charging and long-lasting. The lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) from Super B provide highly reliable power and peace of mind while you enjoy your journey.

Mobile comfort just like home

In pretty much all RV’s, everything from the fridge to the television and water heater relies on the battery. After all, it’s your machine’s life force. Super B lithium batteries will help you enjoy your RV experiences for a long period, with the comfort you are used from home. So you can relax and travel countless miles more.

Lithium advantages for RV's

Super B lithium batteries deliver everything you need when travelling on- and off-the-grid. They are pretty much unbeatable. The lithium iron phosphate technology makes them extremely safe and lightweight. Your journey to the known and unknown places will not only be more efficient, but you will also do it with less of a footprint without sacrificing power, performance and reliability.

Lithium vs lead-acid

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