Lithium race car batteries

Lightweight compact power

The lithium difference

The use of lithium batteries in cars is increasing rapidly. Old-school lead-acid batteries are being replaced by lithium power batteries to improve charge and discharge performance, save weight, save space, increase lifetime and avoid Pb (lead) in the environment.

Superb safety

While Lithium Iron Phosphate has helped reduce the weight of automotive batteries, it has also helped bolster safety. Safety is extremely important and therefore Super B uses the safest lithium technology available: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). Thorough testing of all our lithium batteries is carried out in accordance with current legislation and we meet all relevant type approvals like UN 38.3.

World-class customers trust Super B

With world-class customers like Aston Martin, KTM, Lotus, Renault, Ferrari and Koenigsegg Super B’s power batteries have been successfully used in the motorsport industry.

Lithium benefits for race cars

Super B lithium batteries are made for high-performance and race cars. Racing is in our roots, in our DNA. We know what it takes to perform under pressure and in extreme conditions. Every pound you save, every inch you win, these details can make the difference in being the best. That's why we develop lithium batteries that outperform the rest. Our batteries are ultra-light, robust, maintenance-free, have a long lifespan and offer high discharge rates.

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