Super B launches new series of lithium power batteries with BMS

Super B Lithium Power B.V. has launched a new series of lithium power batteries with integrated BMS (Battery Management System). The Mason 12V25Ah and 12V20Ah are the first models of the Mason series. The Mason can be characterized as strong, flexible and reliable. These next generation lithium power batteries are designed for starting combustion engines in a wide range of applications.

“The Mason series is an improvement of our existing Andrena series and we believe this opens up new opportunities for us. With the Andrena series we have already been building a strong reputation in reliable and safe power batteries for years, especially in the motorsport industry. The only thing we have been missing was an integrated BMS that monitors and protects the power battery, like those that have been integrated in the Epsilon and Nomia traction batteries already. With the Mason our team of engineers developed an intelligent power battery that fulfill the needs of the market. We can be proud of this latest addition to the Super B Portfolio.”, said Dennis de Zeeuw, CEO at Super B Lithium Power B.V.

Integrated BMS

The Mason 12V25Ah and 12V20Ah power battery incorporates a Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure a high level of safety during use. The BMS constantly monitors the status of individual battery elements such as cell temperature, cell voltage, charge and discharge currents. The integrated BMS also provides cell balancing.

“The Mason lithium power batteries (LiFePO4) is another step forward for our company. The Mason 12V25Ah and Mason 12V20Ah combines strong performances, with reliability and safety. The batteries’ IP-ratings are great; with IP66 the Mason is both dust tight and waterproof. Therefore the batteries can be used in extreme environments as well.”, stated Peter Hulzebos, Sales Director at Super B Lithium Power B.V.

The Mason 12V25Ah and 12V20Ah lithium power batteries are now available for sale via our dealer network

Like all our lithium batteries, the Mason 12V25Ah and 12V20Ah comes with a 3-year warranty. “This new generation of lithium power batteries displays Super B’s capabilities and expertise for innovative product development. Together with the feedback of our customers we will keep pushing for improvements in our portfolio of lithium batteries”, concludes Dennis.