Super B fire test, simulating an external fire source.

Super B batteries. The safest in the industry. At Super B we regularly test our batteries to the extreme, to confirm time after time that we meet the highest possible standards in all areas.

One of those areas is Safety, a crucial focus point. We conduct many different safety tests, like short circuit and extreme current testing. But what happens if our batteries are exposed to an external fire source? In our most recent safety test we decided to take this to the extreme by burning our 2KWh battery with external heaters.

This fire test was conducted at the Twente Safety Campus on the military airport in Twente. After preparation of the setup, fire was ignited and the situation was observed carefully with several cameras, a gas sensor and many temperature sensors. From start to end, the battery burned in a very controlled way. The duration and intensity of this fire was way more extreme than a real life situation, with temperatures rising to over 1000oC, due to the propane burners, still the situation never became dangerous. There where no explosions or fire bursts observed. At the end, the fire was extinguished with water without any issues and everything was fully under control.

The conclusions:
- No explosion
- No excessive flames
- Battery can be extinguished with water
- Battery case does not collapse

Super B. The safest in the industry.
- Safest chemistry (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
- Continuous electronic protection
- Best in class BMS algorithm
- Robust mechanical design

A full video with all the details is available upon request for our valued customers.