New software for smarter current limitation available

Update your Super B Epsilon battery and feel free to use your battery at low temperatures

At Super B we are constantly developing new software to make your battery even smarter. That is why we are happy to offer you software version 2.2.0 for your Super B Epsilon battery.

Automatic current limitation
The biggest advantage software version 2.2.0 offers, is the further improvement of the current limitation. For you this means you can use your battery in extreme temperatures without worrying. The automatic current limitation makes sure your battery only accepts full current when the temperature is most favorable.

At temperatures below0°C, the current limiter charges the battery with low current. This is important, since offering too high current to a cold battery might cause damage to it. Whenever the battery is warm enough, full current of maximum 90Ah will be offered again, so your battery will charge quickly. This all happens fully automatically, to guarantee your peace of mind.

Time to go

Besides the improved functionality of the current limiter, the new software also shows a more accurate and reliable value of the time to go on the app. Very practical when you are on the go, so you will have a 24/7 insight in the capacity of your battery.

Update now

Please use the BeInCharge app for Android or iPhone to update directly.

Feel free to update your software at any convenient time, since your battery is fully active during firmware upgrade and reboot.