A short introduction: super B rider Sebastian Husseini

The Maxxis Dakar Team powered by super B yesterday left Schiphol and flew to Lima, where the Dakar Rally will start in 3 days. One member of the Maxxis Dakar Team powered by super B wasn’t present; Sebastian Husseini. He started his journey to Peru from Dubai, where he already lives his entire life. Sebastian has a Dutch mother and also a Dutch passport. Sebastian Husseini will make his debut next to Kees Koolen in the Dakar 2013.

In the Middle East Sebastian Husseini is a pioneer in the field of Motorsports. Husseini was in 2007 World Champion Cross Country with his quad and he won three times the prestigious UAE Dessert Challenge. In 2013 Husseini will debut in the toughest rally: Le Dakar. After months of test riding in the Dubai desert it is now time for the real thing!

Husseini tested his new quad for the last couple of months, but he mostly worked out. “I worked out a lot, 400 kilometers each day and I tried to gain as much experience as possible.The good thing about my work outs in Dubai is that I’m used to extreme temperatures. Dubai exists for about 80% out of sand and the highest dunes in the whole world, so I’m not worried about those circumstances. My biggest concern is the strength of the Dakar Rally and the mental pain. There will be days that you want to quit and give up, but that’s the moment you really mustn’t give up and fight for it! I hope to finish in a top position".

Sebastian Husseini and Kees Koolen will be racing with a Honda TRX 700 quad. They decided to race with this quad, because it’s reliable and it has an independent suspension. The quads have big fuel tanks (they can ride 300 kilometers without worrying about their fuel), special designed ties with kevlar protection by Maxxis Tires, several navigation possibilities and motor modifications.

The Maxxis Dakar Team powered by super B has with Sebastian Husseini a rider, who could be very successful in the quads classification. Husseini will be starting with number 265, Kees Koolen with number 257.
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