Fire-fighting vessel "Strażak-28"

The "Strażak-28"fire-fighting vessel equipped with 48 Super B Nomada batteries will provide assistance to ships carrying dangerous cargo and will watch over fire safety in the sea ports of Szczecin. The system installation was performed by BOTA TECHNIK, Super B’s business partner in Poland. The Battery system 2s24p consists of 2 batteries in series and 24 parallel strings.

48 Nomada batteries were used to achieve the desired energy storage. Each of the Nomada batteries has a capacity of 105Ah and energy storage of 1,344kWh. The battery system creates a 24Vdc battery bank, with the ability to store energy up to 64.5kWh, and with a total capacity of 2520Ah.

Each Nomada battery has its own BMS and the bank is supervised by a master BMS.

Project details

Customer Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście S. A.
Country Poland
System Integrator Bota Technik
Vessel type Fire-fighting vessel 
Battery system 2S24P
Battery solution Nomada
Application Emergency UPS
Installed 2022