Super B supplies lithium batteries to this swappable mega-battery

The Skoonbox is a battery container that can be used as a power supply for various purposes. With 330 Super B Nomia lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), each delivering 12V DC with a capacity of 160 Ah, this mega-battery can deliver a battery voltage of 700V DC with a total capacity of 960Ah.

In combination with the matching transformer container, which can both charge and discharge the battery, a power of 450kW at 400V AC is available. In this way, the battery can be discharged with a maximum current of more than 1000A! 

The battery container is delivered on-demand to the chosen destination. As a sustainable alternative to the diesel generator, the Skoonbox can be used in places where there is a temporary demand for power, such as construction sites, film sets, events, festivals and other applications.

Project details

Customer Skoon
System Integrator SmartGrid
Engineering Nieuwe Weme
Country The Netherlands
Battery system 638 kWh
Battery solution Nomia
Application Propulsion / Off-grid / Shorepower
Installed 2019