Sailing yacht Elysium

Sailing yacht Elysium equipped with lithium batteries

STOK Electric is a family business who believes in sustainable and comfortable sailing. They are a system integrator pur-sang, and by collaborating with various suppliers and experts in the field of yacht building and electrical components and systems, create high reliable, mature hybrid systems.

For the main power source of the system, STOK Electric uses a high-quality battery pack. The use of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries instead of Li-ion batteries is what makes the battery bank stand out from commonly used batteries in electric vehicles. With this battery technique it’s possible to reach almost the same energy density of Li-ion batteries while also increasing safety. LiFePo4 batteries can be extinguished with (sea)water, which is a big plus for ocean-going vessels.

For this project STOK Electric converted the 56ft Sailing Yacht Elysium into a hybrid sailing yacht. The sailing yacht features a 350V lithium battery system, supplied by Super B, with a total capacity of 70 kWh. 

Project details

Customer STOK Electric
Country The Netherlands
Vessel type
Classic sailing yacht Elysium
Battery system 70 kWh, 350V
Battery solution Nomada 12V105Ah
Application Hybrid propulsion
Installed 2021