Super B delivers lithium batteries to autonomous floor scrubber robots

Aziobot is robotic startup company. Since 2017 they are focusing on the development of autonomous floor scrubber robots. Their goal is to automate the cleaning process of commercial spaces. Especially places like supermarkets or facilities where the use of manual scrubbing machine is common.

The cleaning robots from Aziobot are fully autonomous. The user can easily navigate through a set of processes to setup the robot. The robot can decide the cleaning paths on its own.

A lot of manual scrubbers are using lead-acid batteries. One of the problems is that the charging time is high for facility managers who like to use the machine again and again. The Nomia lithium batteries (one Nomia 12V210Ah is used in each cleaning robot) solve that issue. Beside the charging advantages the Nomia lithium batteries fits nicely in the cleaning robots. Due to the high energy density the cleaning robots have a run time of approximately 4 hours.

Project details

Customer Aziobot
Country The Netherlands
Vehicle Type
Autonomous floor scrubber robot
Battery system 2.6 kWh
Battery solution Nomia
Application Robotics
Installed From 2019 onwards