Vlarotech - Loader cranes



Super B delivers lithium batteries for zero-emission loader cranes

Vlarotech is a well-established name in the trailer business in the Netherlands. They manufacture various kinds of truck trailers for different applications. There is a high demand for zero-emission equipment on building sides and for more quite operations during construction in civil areas. By electrifying the crane mounted on a truck, the customer saves on fuel, maintenance costs and wins projects were CO2 reductions are required.

The Nomada 12V105Ah lithium battery is ideal for supplying the power to this crane since the energy density is so high, the customer does not loose any load space on the truck compared to having a diesel powered version. This 100VDC system combines sixteen Nomada batteries that deliver sufficient power for a full working day in clean and silent operations.

Project details

Customer Vlarotech
Country The Netherlands
Vehicle Type
Loader crane
Battery system 100VDC, 21kWh
Battery solution Nomada
Application Construction equipment
Installed 2020 onwards