Super B Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries pioneered for total power protection solutions.

As a UPS is used in challenging environments like hospitals, data centres and during industrial processes, the single most critical element of the UPS performance is the battery quality. Because a UPS will only be used occasionally in most cases, the battery must be capable of supplying the high current demand of the UPS for a sustained period of time. Like the Super B battery, it needs to be highly reliable and safe with a long life expectancy.

A Super B Lithium Iron Phosphate battery can deliver a lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. The batteries provide much longer runtimes and can be recharged faster than comparable batteries. With BMS as standard with the ability to predict UPS failures, the Super B batteries are designed to ensure business continuity thus giving you peace of mind.

Super B strive to help clients find the most reliable and efficient set-up to suit their business requirements by taking a consultative approach.

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