SmartGrid Trailer



Super B supplies lithium batteries for generator replacement set

Smart Grid is a spin-off from Super B and has developed a 32kWh generator replacement set anybody can operate and transport. The lithium batteries are mounted in a trailer that comes with a 15kW 3 phase inverter system and weight, including the trailer, less than 750kG. That means anyone with a tow bar can take it to the desired location.

This 48VDC lithium battery system uses three times a 5kW inverter and has a plug to charge an EV, 400VAC power and remote monitoring. Charging is done via the grid or with solar. Customers can use it to help EV’s back on the road when they ran empty, supply all kinds of power needs on construction sites or use it as generator replacement at small festivals and parties.

Project details

Customer SmartGrid
Country The Netherlands
Vehicle Type
Battery system 48VDC, 32kWh
Battery solution Nomia and Nomada
Application Generator replacement
Installed 2020