Winter checklist for your batteries

Winter is here and with it comes the holidays and all the end-of-year festivities. Many people often choose to stay home to enjoy being with family and friends and store their RV or boat during this season. That is why we are sharing with you this checklist that you can go through before taking a break from that wanderlust life. 

Prepare your batteries for the winter
☐ Before storing your RV or boat, make sure that your batteries are fully charged. Lithium batteries just like any other batteries have self-consumption, but the advantage of Super B lithium batteries is that they do not need to be charged during winter storage when charged to 100%.

☐ To prevent power leaking in your system during storage, we recommend always installing the main switch and turning it off during storage. 

☐ The newest Super B software on the Epsilon prevents deep discharging by a programable state of charge shutdown level (default 10%). Make sure you have your Epsilon software up to date (minimum to v1.2.2, you can install the update via the Be in Charge app). For Nomia and Nomada batteries make sure you switch the relay off. 

☐ Turn off all appliances and main switches

Caring for your batteries and storing them adequately during winter will help you prolong their lifespan and prevent deep discharges. 

After you have checked all the boxes above, you are all set to store your RV or boat and ready to go again in spring!