What you need to know when upgrading your boat to lithium

The most important thing when sailing is to have the certainty that you have enough power for critical systems on your boat such as the radios, navigation systems, and lights. Super B lithium batteries are a good choice to power your boat without worrying about energy usage.

Even though lithium batteries are designed to fit just as normal gel or lead-acid batteries, it is not possible to always plug and play, you may need additional components to complete the installation. Depending on the type of equipment you currently have you would need to change the inverter and the battery charger. It is important to note though that all electrical installations should be done properly as errors in the cabling can be dangerous. For this reason, if you do not feel confident about performing the lithium battery installation, please get in touch with your dealer who can guide you and answer all your questions.


As we have described, lithium batteries will allow you to have the energy you need to navigate without any worries but you will need to make sure your boat is ready for the installation. You need to check what components you need and experience in electrical systems. But going through all these steps makes you wonder if it’s worth it. The short answer is yes. Lithium batteries typically last 3,500 charge cycles which translate to around 10 years or more depending on how often you use them. This is why, the costs may seem higher at the beginning, but lithium batteries will outperform any gel or lead-acid battery. You need to know that you are making a long-term investment, and you will enjoy its benefits such as significant weight reduction, efficiency, and a much longer lifespan.

Great performance 

Now that we have briefly explained what are the basic things you need to check before switching to lithium, you can now explore the type of batteries you want to have on board. At Super B we have the perfect addition to any leisure boat: the Nomada 12V105Ah. This battery is so versatile that adapts to your needs. You can scale any energy system and install them vertically or horizontally. With a weight of only 10kg, its modular design allows you to build your energy system however you find it more convenient and offers you great performance and freedom. Moreover, Super B lithium batteries make it easy for you to check how much battery you have left and how your batteries are performing via the optional touch display.