The best 12V lithium batteries

It is always important to prepare your RV for a long-distance journey, especially when you are planning to be off-grid and enjoy being disconnected. That is why having reliable power should be a top priority. If you are looking to upgrade your recreational vehicle before traveling to a beautiful destination, this article can serve as a guide to choosing the right 12V lithium battery. The Epsilon 12V150Ah battery offers you various great benefits. Unlike other lithium batteries, this battery has integrated BMS and Bluetooth that allows you to monitor it at all times, with optimal performance and safety.

Power and efficiency

The Epsilon 12V150Ah offers you the highest capacity in the market in a standard casing. This 150 Amp-hour lithium battery is capable of 2,560 watts continuously (with a maximum of 4,480 watts continuously but is limited to 10 seconds) meaning that it has the power to supply all your appliances and still you will have plenty of energy left. This battery allows you to be off the grid for longer periods of time and enjoy the comfort of your RV.

Integrated BMS

The BMS on the Epsilon 12V150Ah allows you to have access to the state of charge and battery life. You will never have to guess how much battery you have left. The Epsilon also comes with Bluetooth that connects to our Be in Charge app where you have access to multiple features that are available to you 24/7 whenever you go.

Nomia 12V340Ah – Unmatched power 

Another great option for your RV, if you are looking to be off-grid as much as possible, is the Nomia 12V with 340 Amp-hour. This lithium battery offers not only innovative technology but is also easy to place in your recreational vehicle. It weighs only 33kg., so no heavy lifting is required. Capable of 3,840 watts continuously (and 11,520 watts maximum for 30 seconds), this battery is extremely powerful and robust, has high performance, and is maintenance-free which is important to have compared to other batteries that you need to do regular check-ups in order to keep them functioning properly.

The 12V batteries offer so many features that allow you to relax while giving you enough energy to explore and enjoy beautiful destinations. Whether you need to run your essentials and not-so-essential appliances, Super B 12V batteries have you covered and give you maximum power to stay disconnected for longer periods of time without worrying about using too much energy or draining the system.