Automotive battery

The use of Lithium batteries in cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles and off-road equipment is increasing rapidly. Lead-acid batteries are being replaced by Lithium batteries to improve charge/discharge performance, save weight, save space, increase lifetime and avoid Pb (lead) in the environment. Within these industries different types of batteries are used. The main categories are: 12V starter batteries, 48V batteries (new board net standard) and EV batteries. Super B is specialized in the 12V and 48V solutions.

Lithium batteries vs conventional batteries: Some numbers

  • Up to 80% weight saving
  • Charge and discharge at high currents: Charging times of 5 minutes can be reached.
  • Our automotive batteries offer phenomenal starting power and massive deep cycle reserve power. They are capable of providing engine cranking pulses of 2250 amps for 5 seconds!
  • Longer lifespan with a minimum of 5 years' service life, up to 10 years depending on use
  • Our Lithium Iron Phosphate technology with BMS offers enhanced safety compared to traditional lithium-ion battery types as well as Lead (Pb) batteries

Super B Lithium Iron Phosphate starter battery

Motorsport has long served as a proving ground for developing and improving vehicle technology. A lot of racing series provides an ideal research and development platform for pushing the boundaries of mainstream vehicle technology. At present, research into rechargeable Lithium Iron automotive batteries is being driven mainly by the requirement in the automotive industry for long service life and charge lifetimes, high discharge currents, the need for rapid charging, and, additionally, cost targets.


While Lithium Iron Phosphate has helped reduce the weight of automotive batteries, it has also helped bolster safety. Safety is extremely important and therefore Super B uses the safest Li-ion technology available: Lithium Iron Phosphate. Thorough testing of all our batteries is carried out in accordance with current legislation and we meet all relevant type approvals like UN 38.3, for full reference see Certificate of Compliance.

Advanced Automotive Battery

Super B’s lightweight automotive batteries have been developed for a number of applications ranging from motorbikes to military trucks. Our existing customers include car manufacturers like Renault, Aston Martin, several military contractors and many more. Super B possesses several patents on the complete battery design.

Reliable Starter Batteries

In addition to standard solutions, we offer customer-specific dedicated developments for higher volume projects. The long-term Lithium battery expertise of Super B leads to innovative improvements for your energy storage: Best in class reliable battery designs at very competitive cost.

48Volt built for OEM

Building on the success of the 12-volt technology, Super B has been at the cutting edge of nominal 48-volt developments so you can take full advantage of our Lithium Iron technology in your designs. Introducing 48V systems will help comply with stringent CO2 regulations and fuel saving by introducing mild hybrid 48V systems and reduce (cabling) weight. Super B can assist engineers of global car manufacturers to produce a vehicle application suited to their individual needs.

Features & Benefits of the 48-volt system

  • Scalable packaging solutions to optimize for your capacity and envelope needs
  • Best in class efficiency, lowest self-heating. Solutions possible without active cooling.
  • Integral BMS/switch/fuse with very accurate State Of Charge management.
  • Standard CAN or LIN interface to the vehicle for battery monitoring, switch control and diagnostics.
  • Development according to automotive standards including ISO26262 functional safety, AutoSAR etc.

More information

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