Sailing Fair Isle

Exploring the seas with the Fair isle

We are Judy and Steve and we have been living on our Hans Christian 48T, Fair Isle, since 2016. For the past three years we have been sailing around the Mediterranean, exploring the seas and the countries as we go. We are former TV journalists so documenting our travels comes naturally. Our journey has taken us to places you can only access from the sea and Fair Isle is slowly becoming a home where we can live happily and sustainably.

Last year we removed our noisy, smelly and thoroughly unreliable diesel generator. Instead we harness the natural power of the sun and take power from the boat’s engine when we use it with a large alternator. This gives us all the power we need to live onboard in comfort.

This is only possible because the performance of the six Super B Nomada lithium batteries which allow us to charge quickly and store three times the energy of our old AGM bank using a third of the space.

These batteries are a game-changer for living off grid and we know, from talking to our fellow cruisers, that we are not the only ones making this change to lithium. Super B are the best in the business. As we continue our journey round the world we feel safe in the knowledge these may be the last set of batteries we ever need to install. Living on a boat brings you closer to nature. It just does. We are always looking to use our natural resources more efficiently and as we sail around the world we intend to spend time finding more ways to do that.