Be in charge

We deliver the necessary power to our employees, partners and customers to be in charge.

Made in the Netherlands

All our Super B lithium batteries are engineered and manufactured in our factory in Hengelo, the Netherlands. This allows us to offer advanced testing and assures we fulfil the high Dutch quality standards.

Super B Production team

Uncompromising focus on quality and testing

Super B is 100% dedicated to quality. It’s in our DNA. Every Super B lithium battery is developed and produced with an uncompromising focus on quality. Our advanced testing methods ensure manufacturing and performance quality for your everyday use.

Partnering up with the best in class

You can only be successful when you choose the best partners, distributors and employees. That’s why we listen carefully to them, gain insights and invest time and energy to build our future together. The strategic relationship will result in exceptional customer experiences and lithium solutions.

Engineering excellence

We work with the best lithium experts available and have in-depth knowledge of lithium batteries, battery cells, battery management systems and applications. We cooperate with highly qualified institutes and universities to become even better in what we do. We strive for engineering excellence. We embrace big challenges. We translate our extensive technical knowledge to create high-quality lithium batteries that solve customer issues.

Safety first

Safety matters more than anything else. To produce the safest and most reliable lithium battery we take great care of the materials and construction of our batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate is used for all of our lithium batteries, which is the safest and most reliable type of lithium chemistry available today. A specifically developed bespoke housing guarantees, even more, the safety and reliability of the batteries.

Over 15 years of experience

Super B has proven it's reliable in the field in many industries for over 15 years.