Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Super B gives Chris Fillmore and Rennie Scaybrook power

Super B is excited to support USA KTM media's effort to race the famous and one of American's oldest race the "Pikes Peak International Hill Climb".  KTM will field Chris Fillmore and 2016 Pikes Peak rookie of the year Rennie Scaysbrook.  Both will be racing  KTM Super Duke 1290.  Fillmore and KTM are currently preparing the 1290 in California for the 20 km course with 156 curves that will reach top speed close to 220 km/h.  The Super B 7800 battery will give Chris and Rennie the lightest and most reliable bike to reach the 4676 meter high mountain in Colorado.  The race is set for June 25.

On the picture is rider Chris Fillmore