Rider Of The Month: Josh Strang

Josh Strang is a former Grand National Cross-Country Series champion, but for 2015 he has also committed to riding the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series.

How have the first couple of months been for you on a new bike and with a new team?

The first few months have been good, the new team is really good and I really like the new bike. Trying to get the weather to cooperate is the biggest thing trying to get time on the bike.

A sixth and seventh place at the first 2 National Enduros. What was your overall feel of the first 2 Enduros racing it for an enter season?

The first 2 enduro's haven't been all that great for me, adapting to the new format is very different, I don’t have a problem with the speed just trying to flow through the tight trees and the parts of the course that have no flow.

Any changes that need to be made to get on the box the next Enduro?

After the first two rounds in SC the races open up a little more so I may have some more speed now we are out of the super tight stuff.

You ran your own program for the last a few years. How does it feel to have a team behind you and what is the biggest difference from being on your own?

Yeh running my own deal was good, I got to do what I want but I also spent a lot of money running the whole show, I wanted to do in as professional as I could so that meant spending the money I was making. To be back on a team that looks after everything is really nice and now I can focus on riding and racing a lot more.

A couple of weeks ago you had a 3 rd place at the Sprint Enduro in SC. You have done several ISDE's with a similar format with special test. Does this format fit you better then the GNCC or Enduro races?

The new sprint enduro is super fun, I did that in Australia before I moved to the USA and also at the ISDE. I like this format it creates speed, the Americans are not very good at this format of racing (Kaliub is good) but the average American can't sprint like an aussie or European rider can. The Enduro format is fun also, same concept just longer tests. The difference in the enduro series is nothing flows and the tests are 1st and 2nd gear its just something I have never ridden.

You lived on the West coast for a few years and traveled to the East coast for the GNCC. You recently moved east to NC. How is that working for you and should you have made this move sooner?

I lived in NC when I first moved over here. I moved to CA and lived there for some years and won the GNCC from in CA. I moved back so I could run my own team but I really enjoy it here so I will stay here.

Andrew Delong is your teammate now and he has been on a Husqvarna for a year now. Has he been able to share some information with you? How does that work? Are you guys sharing information or do you see him as a competitor?

Delong is a good guy, I like him, we share little bits of info but we ride different bikes and have different technique so each of us have our own set up.

You finished second at the GNCC opener this weekend. It's going to be a long season. What do you expect for 2015 in the GNCC as a former champ?

Yes, we had one race in Florida, it was ok. I'm not up to speed or in race shape yet so I feel I have a lot to improve on this year.

You will be racing a 4 stroke this year (350) and especially in the GNCC a good start is important. How do make sure you get a good start?

I will race a 350 for enduro. I will focus on the 450 for GNCC, I have not started with a button yet but we use the Super B batteries and they help with firing the bike up a little quicker.

You have done 5 ISDE so far. You really seem to like this event. Can we expect you in Slovakia again racing for Australia and do you feel you are getting close to that first place?

yes, I have done 5 ISDE. I really do like the event and I like the bond all the Aussie guys have throughout the week. I would like to go this year but I still haven't decided if I can make it. I think if Australia keeps sending its best team we will win.