Recycling statement


Dear Customer,

Since 6 September 2008 the Environmental EU Compliance DIRECTIVE 2006/66/EC is in effect in all EU countries.

The objectives are:

  • Minimize negative impact on the environment
  • Harmonize heavy metal content and labelling throughout the EU.

Parties affected:

  • Producer

Any person in a member state that irrespective of the selling technique used, including by means of distance selling communication, places batteries or accumulators, including those incorporated into appliances or vehicles, on the market for the first time within the territory of that member state on a professional basis.

  • Distributor

Any person that provides batteries and accumulators on a professional basis to an end-user.

  • Economic Operators

Any producer, distributor, collector, recycler, or other treatment operators.

  • Member States

All EU countries

Collection Schemes:

  • The Member States shall ensure collections

Schemes for portable batteries and accumulators must enable end-users to discard waste portable

If your state does not provide an adequate solution for collection and recycling of batteries and accumulators or you are located outside the EU, you can return batteries produced by Super B to Super B for recycling.