Vendée Globe 2016: Week 8

Riding the storm

The Pacific Ocean brought Conrad a pretty big Christmas present in the form of a huge storm. The plan was to push ahead of the storm and gain miles and progress east as fast as possible. With winds above 70 knots it was important to stay ahead. Mission accomplished, not without any stress. Unfortunately as the auto pilot kept having a mind of his own and slowing the boat down with uncontrolled manoeuvres. Conrad benefited from calmer seas before the storm to go fast and thankfully the cold front system dived South to let him catch his breath.

Halfway around the world with 0 emission!
Week 8 marks another special moment as Foresight Natural Energy passed the antimeridian. This is the meridian 180° east or west of the prime meridian which forms a great circle dividing the earth into the Western and Eastern Hemisphere. This means that he is now heading towards home and has sailed half the globe already! More than 11 000 miles without a drop of fuel, just with the energy of the wind, water and sun.

New Year in the Southern Ocean
After 56 days of racing, Conrad entered 2017 in reasonably calm conditions. He was thrilled to be at sea, realizing one of his dreams « As I slip quietly through the greyscale of the southern ocean, I'm busy coming up with new projects and adventures to share with my friends and family. Never stop dreaming, or better yet,  goal setting! » It should take him around 7 days to reach the imfamous Cap Horn and start heading North again. Before that he's going to have to get through some heavy weather that he can't escape as he is currently fixing his mainsail. Fingers crossed!

This week's figures
2 056 nm
8 936 nm to go
Highest speed: 22 knots
Highest number of nm per day: 335 nm