Two Podium Finishes At Nürburgring For Fast Bike Service Powered By Super B

Mülheim/Ruhr (2014, June 30th). Fourth run of SUPERBIKE*IDM was determined by wind and heavy rain. Daniel Rauh saw the weekend relaxed about. "Steff has no problems in the rain", he said about his current race leader.

Stefan Kerschbaumer secured the pole position with a lap time of 1:28,553 and threw the Swiss Roman Stamm on second place. The pilots took in the first run in pouring rain. "I wasn´t able to compete Roman´s pace at the beginning. He seemed to have a lot of confidence like he raced through the curves," Kerschbaumer said later. On lap five Marvin Fritz overtook  the Austrian too. "At first I thought there is someone behind me, but when the pit board indicating a 40 second lead to my followers, I took the speed out a little bit." With 16 points and a third place on the podium Kerschbaumer finished the race.

The second run was drawn by a tough three-way battle at the top. "My start wasn´t bad, but after the first corner which is always messy, I was at the fourth place. Then I overtook two in one time," said Stefan. Roman Stamm could extend his lead, but on lap ten, Stefan leaded the race again. "Roman jumped out of the transition and I could start again. He lost just two places," said the Austrian. "It didn´t ran properly. On the last lap I had to defend rather backwards." Only 0.365 seconds separated the three pilots. "I am not hundred percent satisfied about my second place, but also not disappointed."

A real surprise this weekend was Pepijn Bijsterbosch. The Dutchman, who mostly did not come out of the midfield last year, made attention with fighting spirit and power. With a personal best lap of 1:29.158 he placed himself confidently to the fourth start position. The first run started promisingly for him. At the beginning he was one under the top three. Then he had to make place for his competitors in the fifth round. Because of the continuing rain and a sliding front tire he came in the ninth round to fishtail, which led to the overthrow and thus to premature Off. Packed with motivation Pepijn came into the second race on Sunday. "I got off to a great start, was even leading in the first corner, until Roman overtook me and threw me back to second place," Bijsterbosch said. Shortly thereafter Kerschbaumer overtook him in a double with Marvin Fritz. "I couldn´t keep up, because I had some problems with my front tire. Lauslehto and I have been fighting for fourth place until it again started to rain. After Tatu crashed I tried to connect to the top, but it doesn´t work," says the Dutchman. For the next race Pepijn has set a clear goal, "I want a place on the podium!"

For Michael Ghilardi, who denies his first SUPERBIKE*IDM season this year, the race at Nürburgring was again instructive. The first run took an early and unhappy ending for the Swiss. After a good start it was already all over in round two. "I came on the white line during I gentle braked in the first curve," Michael said. A fall was inevitable. The young Swiss had luck, his successor was him so close to his heels, he almost caught him. The disappointment was great. After the water fight on Saturday, the drier weather was better for the second round on Sunday. "The race actually went quite well. We drove 1:32 he times. Unfortunately, it did not go faster because we had chosen the wrong tires," said Michaels mechanic Swen Nikella after the race. "Basically, we were unlucky with the weather and we took a gamble. Unfortunately, the tire choice was not the best. Michael was still in a good mood this weekend and he makes huge steps. The package forward fits!".

From July 18 to 20 the fifth round of the SUPERBIKE*IDM takes place on the natural race track in Schleiz.

Results after the fourth SUPERBIKE*IDM-race:
Place 3 with 119 points - Stefan Kerschbaumer (AUT/#89)
Place 6 with 61 points - Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NED/#55)
Place 11 with 40 points - Michael Ghilardi (CH/#90)