Super B evolves its brand by introducing new product line names

Super B Lithium Power B.V. introduces new product line names: Nomia, Nomada, Andrena and Mason. “The product line name change reflects the company's broader commitment and its expertise in driving the innovations needed to shape the energy transition through lithium batteries”, said Henk Kleef, Commercial Director at Super B Lithium Power B.V.

Andrena, Mason, Nomia and Nomada are product names which identify with Bee families. These and other Bee families are dynamic, fast-moving, innovative, clever, and important for an eco-friendly system. “This is exactly how Super B and its batteries can be characterized. It also emphasizes the Super B family; working and building together lithium batteries that enables the global energy transition. We believe the new product line names will highlight the values that we share with our clients”, said Henk.

The current starter batteries without BMS becomes the Andrena series. For example the SB12V10P-DC will be renamed as Andrena 12V10Ah.

The new starter batteries with internal BMS, which will be launched later this year, will be branded as the Mason series.

The current traction batteries which are available in 100Ah and 160Ah will be branded as the Nomia series. Meaning that the SB12V160E-ZC and SB12V100E-ZC will become the Nomia 12V160Ah and Nomia 12V100Ah.

The new modular, compact and high density lithium batteries, which will be launched later this year, will be branded as the Nomada series.

The Epsilon SB12V1200Wh-M will be renamed to Epsilon 12V90Ah.

The technical features and specifications remain identical. “We are changing our product names in a way that reflects Super B as an innovative, fasting moving developer of reliable, safe and high end lithium batteries. We strongly believe that the new product names will be cherished and easily remembered by our customers as is the case with our Epsilon”, concludes Henk.

The new product names are effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company's products and services throughout the rest of 2019.