Heated Battle At "Schleizer Dreieck" :

Mülheim/Ruhr (2014, July 21th). The SUPERBIKE*IDM started already last weekend in their second half of the season. The team traveled without Michael Ghilardi to the Nature Circuit in Schleiz, because he had to stop due to persistent budget problems.

With more than fifty degrees track temperature, the drivers completed the qualificationtraining on Saturday. Stefan Kerschbaumer came up with the events along well and secured the third place for the two races of the weekend. In the first race Stefan had to fight for his second place in the field with guest starter Lukas Trautmann and competitor Marvin Fritz. They made him a lot of pressure from behind. Roman Stamm had just five seconds ahead and was no longer obtain. In the last corner Marvin saw his chance and overtook the Austrian a blink before the final finish and gave Stefan so in third place.

"That was really annoying. I had defended properly to the back, but I just couldn´t do more," said Kerschbaumer. The second race started similar, "My start was good and I was able to keep up very well in the first half of the race, I had to struggle a bit with Fritz. We have passed us a few times," said Stefan, who claimed his third place. For the second time this weekend he was in third place on the podium. Guest starter Lukas Trautmann became second, but he droves out of the evaluation that´s why Stefan garnered 20 points.

The Dutchman Pepijn Bijsterbosch had a few little problems with the heat in Schleiz. In the qualifying race he had to contend with slipping tires and went for the time being on the safe side. Bijsterbosch started from seventh place in the first race and convinced by consistent lap times. He did not make his place in dispute. After Christian von Gunten made a mitake in the twelfth round, Pepijn saw his chance and went straight past him. Even in the last round he gave himself a head-to-head duel with the Finn Tatu Lauslehto. Pepijn overtook him for a second but had to back off. He finished with a good sixth place. The race on Sunday was for Bijsterbosch to regain lost ground. "The start was great, but on the second lap my rear wheel began to tremble downhill and I would almost went off. I had no choice but to go through the grass, then grass again and eventually I ended up almost the whole back of the field," said Pepijn. The fighting spirit was aroused and Bijsterbosch attacked from behind. It was not long in coming, as he found himself already back in midfield. However, the gap to the front he could no longer close and came in seventh place finish line. "It was a difficult race. I tried getting hold everything, but almost all are driven identical times. Maybe I could keep up with the top group, but this was impossible after my trip," he said a little disappointed.

Team boss Daniel Rauh is optimistic for next run of the SUPERBIKE*IDM, which takes place at the TT Circuit Assen in Holland from 08 to 10 August. "At the moment everything is going according to plan. At Assen, we then engage with two drivers on the podium!"

Endclassement after the fourth SUPERBIKE*IDM-race:
Place 3 with 155 points - Stefan Kerschbaumer (AUT/#89)
Place 5 with 82 points - Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NED/#55)
Place 11 with 40 points - Michael Ghilardi (CH/#90)