Successful event with fire brigade Twente about the energy transition

Last week a delegation of firemen from fire brigade Twente visited Super B to learn more about the energy transition and the production of lithium batteries.

In the afternoon, the fire brigade was first given a tour through our production location in Hengelo. Co de Haan, Operations Director at Super B, explained the production process of lithium batteries and the safe lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) technology that underlies this. The importance of smart software, and the battery management system (BMS) with regards to the safety of lithium batteries was explicitly addressed. Safety issues surrounding the production of lithium batteries were also considered; what risks are involved and how are they are minimized.

During the evening program, Marco van den Berg, AGS from the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Security Region, gave a presentation about developments in the field of the energy transition and the risks that this entails. Subsequently, the guests were divided into 4 groups to discuss what the energy transition actually means for (1) Education and practice, (2) Repression, (3) Risk management and (4) Super B.

It was a successful event that gave the innovative fire brigade of Twente useful insights in how to deal with safety issues that are related to the energy transition and in particular lithium batteries. It was absolutely clear that the current LFP technology that Super B uses for its batteries in combination with an innovative and intelligent battery management system (BMS) minimizes the safety risks as much as possible.