Carefree sailing and feeling as free as a bird.

Epsilon; for even more comfort!

Carefree sailing and feeling as free as a bird. Relax and enjoy the unlimited use of all the facilities your boat has to offer plus the added bonus of using multiple appliances simultaneously; all this without having to take the onboard energy provision into account thanks to Super B’s latest lithium ion battery, the ‘Epsilon’. The new battery offers huge energy reserves, weighs substantially less, is easy to install and will last considerably longer than other batteries. A battery with much more energy than ever before!

Carefree travelling

What is worse than heading out on the water and continuously worrying about your battery? It's not only annoying, it also limits you in your freedom. This is something we, at Super B, understand only too well. For carefree sailing we have developed the Epsilon SB12V1200Wh-M; a custom-made lithium battery.  The Epsilon contains huge energy reserves and provides 100% usable energy. Thanks to a charging time of only one hour, you can head out on the water carefree and enjoy your freedom to the fullest.  


Ease of use and optimum comfort

The Epsilon is very user friendly. Thanks to its light and ultra compact format, it fits in the space of a traditional lead battery but weighs about 20 kg less! It will continue to work, even under extreme temperatures, without any problems. So, enjoy the day without any disruptions, no matter where you are!


Practical advantages

The Epsilon is not just about much more energy, far less weight and an ultra compact format. It has many more advantages that could be of great benefit to you as a user:

- Contrary to a traditional battery, it allows you to use multiple appliances simultaneously;

- An internal BMS system gives you insight into the remaining energy level at all times. You can read the load factor using your smartphone or tablet (app available in September 2017);

- The life of the Epsilon equals 5000 cycles, which is five times more than traditional batteries can offer; 

- A low self-discharge of 10% per year which allows you to use your boat even after several months of storage. 

- Our high quality chemistry and internal security ensure a safe usage;

- And... the battery is maintenance-free!



Would you like to know more about the Epsilon? Watch the video: