Enduro: Super B rider Hans Vogels 7th in 12 hours of La Chinelle

Super B Rider Hans Vogels finished in 7th position in the 12 hour race of La Chinelle in Belgium. For this special occasion Vogels teamed up together with Wim van der Heyden en Christophe Robert to form the Husberg Team.

The race was devided in two parts: the start was at midnight followed by a 6 hours race. After a short break the race continued with the second part from 10.00 hours until 16.00 hours. All teams got the oppurtunity to train in the dark. The team noted the 5th time in the qualifying lap. Before the race the team agreed to do sessions of 2 hours. Problems with the lights of the bike caused the team to drop back from 5th to 90th position. After the first section the team managed to get back to 14th position. In the second part all three riders were consistent and the team finished in 3rd position. With the time lost in the nigth session the team finished 7th overall.

Next race for Dutchman Hans Vogels is the Swedish WEC round.

Vogels testing the 2013 Husaberg models in Spain.