WEC Spain: good result for Super B rider Hans Vogels

After two rounds in South America it was the first race on European soil, in Spain last week. Super B rider Vogels was eager to get a good result after the races in Argentina and Chili. The whole week before the event it was dry, but it started raining which changed the conditions completely.

The Extreme test was ridden between two mountains,with very steep climbs and descents. The motocross and Supertest were in grasslands. Vogels took his time to do a good reconnaissance and was motivated to get started. The Supertest on Friday went well, and the gaps were small. After the first day timedifferences in the top 10 were very small. Vogels made no mistakes and was able to maintain a good pace finishing 11th. The second day Vogels continued with good times, he was 3rd in the 3rd stage and in 4th position after the first lap. Some local riders who were in his way made hime loose some time, and he finished the day in 8th position. The Super B Husaberg rider is now 11th overall in the WEC.

Vogels:,,The riding went really well, which gives me a good feeling for the next races. With 6 new very good riders in the E2 class, competition is tough. There were a lot of Dutch spectators in Spain, which was very motivating. I will now travel to Portugal for the next race.''