Super B rider Simon Pavey is almost ready for the Dakar 2013!

The bikes, which will be used at the Dakar Rally, are going to initial scrutineering in Le Harve, where they will be shipped to Lima for the start in five weeks. Simon Pavey and his team are going to Lima on the 28th of December, so they have the possibility to acclimate before scrutineering and the beginning of the Dakar Rally.

There have been substantial promotion developments for super B rider Simon Pavey and his team in the last few weeks before the start of  the Dakar Rally. MCN reporter Michael Guy will be covering every aspect of the race for the next eight weeks, starting after scrutineering, covering all the british based riders heavily, as well as the stars of the race. There has been made a video project called ‘Making Dakar’. This media promotion already has received a good number of views on youtube, vimeo and mpora. Episode two of ‘Making Dakar’ is almost finished as well and will go live next week. Episode three will be released two weeks after the release of episode two.