ONK Hellendoorn: Super B rider Vogels extends his lead

Husaberg’s Super B rider Hans Vogels continued to extend his lead in the 2012 Dutch Enduro Championship with victory at round six of the series in Hellendoom…

With round six of the ONK Dutch Enduro Championship showing the first true signs of the approaching winter, competitors were greeted with a frosty start to the day. With organisers setting out a challenging 80km loop to be ridden three times that comprised of two forestry based enduro tests and one cross test, riders would face a long day of racing in Hellendoom.

Following his win at round five of the championship, Vogels was highly motivated to remain positioned at the head of the standings. With the early morning frost ensuring the opening special test would be extremely slippery, Vogels made a cautious start to his day. Picking up his pace on the second and third special tests he ended the opening lap almost 30 seconds clear of his nearest rival.
Unchallenged for the remainder of the day and now confident in the conditions, Vogels easily secured victory in the overall classification by over 50 seconds while also topping the Enduro 2 category.

In the Enduro 1 class it was TM mounted Lucas Dolfing that secured victory by almost 45 seconds over Ismo ten Velde with Mike Kock finishing third. With Vogels claiming victory in E2, Mark Wassink (KTM) held off Robin Nijkamp to finish as runner up behind the Husaberg rider. In E3, KTM’s Amel Advokaat took a comfortable victory over Erwin Plekkenpol while also placing as runner up to Vogels in the overall classification. Bjorn Schreijer completed the top three.

2012 ONK Dutch Enduro Championship

Round Six, Hellendoom
Enduro 1
1. Lucas Dolfing 55:43.40;
2. Ismo ten Velde 56:31.28;
3. Mike Kock 56:49.86;
4. Jirry’s Hermits 1:00:52.07;
5. Rick Enderink 1:04:33.96…

Enduro 2
1. Hans Vogels (Husaberg) 52:47:06;
2. Mark Wassink 55:00.16;
3. Robin Nijkamp 55:27.54;
4. Marco Teunissen 57:27.54;
5. Remco Doorewaard 58:29.84…

Enduro 3
1. Amel Advokaat 53:37.20;
2. Erwin Plekkenpol 54:00.97;
3. Bjorn Schreijer 56:52.03;
4. Wesley Pittens 56:58.19;
5. Bernhard van de Pol 57:30.61…