USA GNCC: KTM Riders Finish 1st and 2nd at Snowshoe

Snowshoe, WV – KTM riders Rory Mead and Kailub Russell finished 1st and 2nd overall at the eighth round of the GNCC Series after a great last lap battle to the finish.

Super B rider Kailub Russell had a great start and leaped out front early. Unfortunately, he suffered a crash on the first lap that set him back a few positions. His times were quick but a few lappers halted his speed throughout the three-hour race. On the final lap, he began to challenge Mead for the lead and came just six seconds short at the finish.

Mead rode a solid pace throughout the entire race to take his second GNCC XC1 win of the season. Now eight rounds into the series, Mead sits third in the overall point standings while Russell is just one point shy of the lead position.

The GNCC XC2 class was won by KTM rider Jason Thomas. This win marked the first win of the season for Thomas. Fellow KTM rider and series point leader, Steward Baylor, finished 3rd.

In the Women’s Pro class, Factory FMF/KTM rider Maria Forsberg kept her win streak alive. She captured her eighth win of the season to remain undefeated in the Women’s class. Forsberg now has a comfortable point lead heading to the ninth round.

Next Event: Millfield, OH – July 7-8, 2012

Overall Results GNCC XC1 Class –
1. Rory Mead – KTM
2. Kailub Russell – KTM
3. Paul Whibley
4. Nick Fahringer
5. Bobby Prochnau – KTM
6. Jordan Ashburn
7. Takeshi Koikeda – KTM
8. Chris Bach
9. Nathan Kanney
10. Garrett Edmisten

Overall Results GNCC XC2 Class –
1. Jason Thomas – KTM
2. Andrew Delong
3. Steward Baylor – KTM
4. Jesse Robinson
5. Jedediah Haines
6. Zach Nolan – KTM
7. Ryan Echols
8. AJ Stewart
9. Ryan Lojak
10. William Gilleland

Overall Point Standings GNCC XC1 Class –
1. Paul Whibley – 198
2. Kailub Russell – 197
3. Rory Mead – 156

Overall Point Standings GNCC XC2 Class –
1. Steward Baylor – 182
2. Jason Thomas – 173
3. Jesse Robinson – 150