2012 FMI Enduro National Italian Championships in Lumezzane, Italy

The hills of Lumezzane are considered holy ground to the Italian enduro world. Specactular views, a raucous crowd of spectators, and most of Europe’s top enduro competitors make Lumezzane a must see for any enduro fan. Especially after the national, when the lights get turned on and the Xtreme event takes place in front of thousands of wild fans to see who can conquer the most steep hill climb in all of enduro for the biggest purse offered in enduro competition.

Finnish ace Matti Seistola of the Super B Husqvarna Enduro Team battled in the fiercely competitive “Foreigners” class and after 4 laps around the circuit he finished 4th aboard his TE250.
Alex Salvini crashed early, costing him 20 valuable seconds in the E2 class. Undeterred, he battled in test after test, setting a blistering pace that allowed him to catch up to 3rd in the E2 class and 5th overall amongst all competitors.
Later that evening Salvini took part in the Xtreme race. Once again, a crash kept him from the overall win, despite the fact that he set some top laps later in the event. Words cannot do this event justice so we suggest you watch the video.