Vessel Tachek 100% uptime after 2 years of use

In December 2012, British Columbia Ferry Services’ (BCFS) MV Tachek was removed from service to undergo a nine-month mid-life extension project at the Point Hope Marine shipyard in Victoria, British Columbia. Keen to follow the latest trends and innovations in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint and operating costs of its fleet, BCFS decided to use this project to test several new and groundbreaking technologies on a smaller scale before considering their wider deployment. One of them was a hybrid propulsion system featuring a 114kWh Super B LiFePO4 battery bank. In the case of MV Tachek, the 54-battery bank alone is capable of dictating the electric drive and the amount of current it should be charged with at any moment, and it provides all the other data for the drive, for display on monitors.

Quote from Andre Bosveld, SCE MV Tachek, BC Ferries:

"The vessel MV “Tachek “ from the company “BC Ferries “ in BC , Canada is outfitted with 54 batteries from Super B, we use the batteries to drive our 100 Kw Bow thruster in the vessel. The system is in operation for almost 2 years at the moment, with no problems so far. In the beginning we had some minor issues with the communication between the batteries and the Vacon drive, but Super B had the solution. The support from Super B is great, even with the time difference of 9 hours ahead . The reply to our emails or phone calls is very fast and supportive. I personally recommend Super B for your battery application."