Tom Coronel Finished Dakar 2015

Met With a very short final stage Tom Coronel concluded Le Dakar 2015. The bad weather caused the stage to become a no-go area and the organization decided to cancel the stage after 34 kilometers. What remained was a connection to Buenos Aires where the podium was waiting. Or wasn't it?

After two heavy weeks the moment was finally there. The last trip to Buenos Aires, crossing the podium and then... party! But the organization decided differently. After Tom was disqualified in the beginning of the rally, he appealed. That appeal is currently waiting at the French motoring authorities in Paris and as long as there has not been a sentencing, there is no official result. And that means that a participant is not allowed to cross the podium. Surely a bummer for Tom Coronel, but it doesn't do the great performance any harm.

Tom Coronel: "Today's stage was not that serious in terms of distance, but it truly was impossible. The entire buggy got covered in mud and it only became worse and worse. The stage was neutralized and we continued to Buenos Aires on the public road. Incredible how many fans joined us there. Because we appealed against the disqualification I was not allowed to drive over the podium. I think that's kind of strange, because they let me complete the entire rally, but rules are rules. I'm glad I made it and for me it truly is a huge victory. I knew it would be tough, but that tough? I would like to thank everyone, my sponsors, the whole team and my family, but especially my twin brother Tim who was a big support to me. Thanks a lot everyone!"

Tonight and tomorrow Tom is able to catch some rest after his adventures, but after that it's time to head home. Tuesday morning the entire Maxxis Dakarteam powered by SuperB will arrive back in Amsterdam.