Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R Saves Weight

As Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R was made for track driving, weight saving was made by using a Super B Lithium Iron battery.

The recently unveiled Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy features the best of Renault Sport technology, with the Renault Sport 2.0T engine upgraded to 275 hp and the Cup chassis. This limited series is now available in a more radical version: Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R, designed for track driving enthusiasts. The overall coherence is reflected in the exceptional level of performance achieved. As illustrated by a new record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R covered the 20,832 km in just 7’54’’36, the fastest time ever for a front-wheel drive production model.

Patrice Ratti - CEO of Renault Sport Technologies: “At Renault, and Renault Sport in particular, we see new challenges as a driving force for our cars. After the first record broken by Mégane R26.R in 2008, we wanted more, and today we return to the Nürburgring regularly to try and improve our performance. This track – no doubt the world’s toughest – has become one of our working tools, used extensively for the fine-tuning of Renault Sport vehicles. Today, we are proud to present Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R, which becomes the flag bearer of our sporting range. The stopwatch has delivered its verdict: Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R delivers a performance worthy of an exclusive GT sports car.”

To meet targets for performance, ride and handling, engineers removed every last superfluous kilo to enable the occupants to take full advantage of the cars capacity. As Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R was made for track driving, another weight saving was made by using a Super B Lithium Iron battery. This battery is fitted in the same place as the original lead acid battery.

Renault Sport is bringing purists a range of accessories to boost the technical specifications of their Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R to the same level as those of the Nürburgring record-setting version. Renault Sport’s wide-ranging work on weight reduction also contributes to the sea change in the behavior of Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R, rivalling that of a real racing car. The car’s playful side emerges further as drivers pick up the pace. The scale, sensitive to load transfer, reveals all the potential of the front axle. Try as you might, understeer on dry surfaces is nigh on impossible. The car obviously reaches its limits a little sooner on wet surfaces, but a little lift off the accelerator pedal brings back all of the car’s grip – and all the fun that goes with it!