Marine battery

The Super B energy battery is designed to be the safest and most energy efficient battery available in the marine industry. They are tailored to the unique demands of hybrid propulsion.

This means that they fulfil very specific requirements in terms of reliability, safety and lifetime under a dynamic use profile and very big loads. They comply with the particular UN regulations and type approvals, e.g. Lloyds and DNV. A prime example of Super B’s contribution to a challenging project is the refit of the MV Tachek ferry, which has been relying on Super B batteries now for two years in the field, totally problem free.

Safety First: Safest battery technology available. Inherently safe Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology combined with best in class electronic and mechanical protection.

Long & Trouble Free Service Life: Extreme runtimes under harsh conditions. Up to 4000 service days or >10 years service life (depending on profile).

Highest Efficiency: Super B batteries feature a patented Battery Management System that allows superior efficiency, reliable communication with the system, and superior protection and diagnostics.

Large marine battery banks store a huge amount of energy, and this needs to be treated with great care. Because Super B believes Safety comes first in any marine application, we base our batteries on Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology (LFP), the safest lithium technology available today with superior abuse tolerance. Our technology avoids the risk of self-combustion or in extreme cases even explosions known from other Lithium technologies. Next to our inherently safe LFP battery technology, our batteries have advanced secure internal electronics with integrated temperature and current sensors to continuously monitor and report the state of the battery.

BMS / Battery Communication Interface / PLC code
By improving the conventional BMS and implementing the Battery Communication Interface and PLC code for the integrators switchboard, the next step in battery integration has been realised. This provides flexible ‘plug and play’ solutions which are cost and time effective – delivering safe, powerful yet reliable, low maintenance results. All batteries can be interconnected and act as one big battery system – Scalable configuration options are endless.

High Energy Density
Super B cherishes your precious energy by offering best in class efficiency compared to other technologies. Battery energy management reaches more than 96 percent efficiency, which not only saves valuable energy but also minimizes self-heating of the battery systems, further increasing lifetime and safety.

Long Lifespan & Best TCO calculation
Super B has a team of experienced engineers and system integrators that will help tailor a battery solution for your specific large marine project. We can calculate all the trade-offs for you based on your usage profile, lifetime needs in your application, capacity need, initial cost and system integration. Our mutual goal is to achieve the lowest possible TCO and the best investment strategy for you as our valued customer.

In large marine projects, Super B can pre-build and pre-test the battery systems to allow easy plug and play installation on the ship. This avoids a trial and error approach on the ship itself, simplifies system integration and shortens integration time on board. If you are looking for best in class battery designs for your project, please contact

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